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brian & justin smooch

January 2011

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brian & justin smooch

YouTube Links to QAF vids

Was commenting on we dreamerz wonderful vid the other day, and realized as much as I love reading her (and others) fic that I hadn’t watched much of the show recently or some of the amazing vids out there for awhile.


Was in an upbeat and horny mood, and trolling through my favourite vids on youtube and thought I would share. I have decided to leave some of the ‘slower’ ones for a later time (no ballads here), as it’s just not where I am at the moment.


Here are some of the links to the vids.



  • These videos may not be suitable for minors.
  • These are not my videos, check out the links for the makers.



(song: Rape me by Nirvana)


(song: I Believe by 2 Vibez)


(ok maybe this is a little slower, but love Heather Small singing “Proud”, and has some amazing promo shots of the qaf gang) (***this one's especially for you Ms Sexy Pumpkin - for being PROUD)


(song: I wanna MMM by the Lawyer)


(song: I Know You Like Me by Mr Skillz – made by a fellow LJer ‘pixiebullets’)


(Song: Chained to You by Savage Garden)


(Song: We Belong by Pat Benatar – ok slightly ballidish but the vid is fantastic!)


(Song: Break Me Shake Me by Savage Garden – ok getting nostalgic for 90’s music here)


Here’s also a link here to a short 3 minute clip of 214 where Justin tops Brian – I know we’ve all seen it before, but it never hurts to be reminded!!!!



Ciao for now





for a 8-minute orgasm check out qafmaniac's From the inside vid... >:)
You have just given me 8 glorious minutes in heaven!!!! One of the best I've seen!

Thank you so much!!

*wicked grin*

thought you'd might... >:)

that vid is my inspiration. whenever I need to get in the mood to write, that's my starting point... ;-) Qafie has truly outdone herself with it!
Now you've started a whole new fetish, finding all of qafs vids on her journal!!!! I've just read her profile and she says she's taking requests for her vids! She doesn't know what she's got herself into!!!!!
*snickers at qafmaniac*

oh, please do tell her I send you!!! >:)

she made me a vid using Pussycat doll's Buttons song for my From the inside fic, as well as one for Duran Duran's Come undone song. the first fanvid I ever saw was her Bubbly one (Colby... Colby something). don't have the link of Come undone and Bubbly for you, but I'm sure she'll be able to give it to you!

have fun!

Edited at 2008-09-23 04:46 am (UTC)
Have just left her a message that you'd kindly put me in touch with her journal, and am going through all her vids, starting with her most recently posted and going from there (yeah ok, I'm anal!) No doubt the ones you're referring to will turn up there sometime.

Hey sorry it took me a while to get back to you but omg, thank you so much for the pimp! I'm really really glad that you liked it and I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me a message and all that. Thank you!! :) ♥
Don't worry, it's taken my equally as long to get back to your reply - you are seriously the goods!!! Your vid is just fantastic - I love the feel of it - matched the music perfectly - hope it was ok to post on my journal - still getting comfortable with 'journal etiquette' - not wanting to post stuff without an ok!

Take care