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brian & justin smooch

January 2011

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summer flowers

Cautious good news!

Have just received an update on my daughter's condition and can now afford to be cautiously optimistic!

For those who remember, she had a bleed to the brain last October, and was diagnosed as having an AVM, which is basically a cluster of vessels in the brain that are susceptable to bleeding.

Treatment earlier this year involved giving her an extremely high dose of radiation to the site of the AVM, a 'normal' ongoing dose for a breast cancer patient would be around a grade 2 or 3, my daughter had a grade 15. The aim of the radiation was to eventually shrink the AVM thus minimising the risk of a rebleed.

She had an MRI a few weeks ago and after the discussion with her neuro surgeon last week, they found that the 'feeder' arteries (the arteries going into the site of the AVM and supplying it with its blood supply) are showing signs of decreasing in size (which is extremely good news at this early stage in the game). The other amazingly positive news is there appears to be no damage to the surrounding brain tissue from the radiation. It is too early to see the AVM itself shrinking, and probably won't see progressive signs of this for another 18 months to 2 years.

But all is very positive with this latest news.

Thank you so much to those who have been sending prayers and positive thoughts our way. Some have been IM'ing me which I am unbelieavably touched by. Many of you have probably noticed my absence in commenting in some of the communities at the moment. Life has been busy on the work front of late, so have not had much of 'me' time recently but will resume commenting once I have some time to myself to read all that's going on out there.



that is great news I hope she continues to get better *hugs*
Very sweet of you to comment.
*hugs back*
I kid you not that I was just thinking about you and your daughter this weekend, wondering how she was doing and if there was any news. So when this popped up on my flist I had to take a moment. So odd!

But good as well!

Cautious is smart but still - it's wonderful to hear that things are looking in the right direction. Still so much for a young girl to deal with but with you as her mother she has all she needs. You both will continue to be in my thoughts but thank you so much for keeping us updated, Kerryn. And for sharing the good news! ♥

I kid YOU not that I am constantly amazed at the warmth and kindness that comes from our little community! Thank you so much for your beautiful words, now I'm fighting back tears (of relief and happiness) for the umpteenth time this week, again!

Im so happy for you.

This is wonderful news.

See some prayers are answered, God bless you all, with love,,Jx
To my wonderful Aussie friend Jac,

Your kind words mean so much to me, thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

It's so weird that ladysonsie just said this, but I was seriously just wondering about you too! Like literally yesterday. I was thinking about PM-ing you to ask, but I didn't want to intrude. So thanks so much for the update. What wonderful news. I hope she continues to do as fabulously as she has been so far! What a talented girl. :)
What a sweet thing to say! And yes, as bizarre as it is, and knowing she has no control over it, I keep smiling when I look at her and thinking what a clever girl she is!
I am so glad that you have some positive news. The waiting must be so difficult (days or weeks are hard enough and I can't imagine having to wait 2 years to know the outcome). I am sending all my best wishes and positive thoughts your way.

I haven't been around much either due to work but I am glad that I popped in this morning to see this good news.
Oh my goodness! It seems ages since I was in the same journal (or community) as you!!! I know what you mean about work being busy - I miss Jan's stuff so much, but barely have the time!

And thanks so much for the postitive thoughts and wishes.

Kerryn - so happy to hear this. I was visiting your "farm" on Facebook yesterday and thinking about you, too. ♥ My thoughts and prayers are still with you all. *hugs*
LOL - I've been so busy I've barely had time to look at others' facebooks! How sweet that I can catch you here at LJ and at FB!

Thanks so much for your thoughts - love the icon btw.

*hugs back*
I'm so glad to hear that! I hope you will keep us informed about how she is doing. I'll be thinking about you both. *hugs*
Thank you so much for commenting, loving your icons btw, I'm sure you must have done a recent batch of the boys, but haven't had time to look.

I haven't even caught up on all the youtubes!!!! Aaaaargh!!!

*hugs back*
Oh, that's wonderful news! Having hope and optimism is sometimes the most important part. *hugs*

And thanks so much for taking the time to give us an update, because we definitely notice when you're not around here on lj. You and your daughter have been in my thoughts and prayers and it's so good to know that things are going well!
Ok, well that's officially the sweetest comment I think I've ever received, as all I do is hang around, read and comment! You are too beautiful for words!

*hugs back*