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brian & justin smooch

January 2011

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As you guys know, I don't normally post a lot of stuff, (apart from lurking and commenting around various comm.s!) but found this on youtube and just think it says so much about how straight guys can approach gay sex scenes. It's from the movie "Shelter" which I think is just one of the best quality love stories I've seen recently (of course Brokeback Mountain is always a fave!)

It's an interesting take on acting outside your comfort zone, particularly as with other gay stories I follow/have followed (Brian/Justin, Luke/Noah, Oliver/Kyle) there seems to be one actor that identifies (or has been identified) as gay, whereas in this movie they are both straight.

Would be interested to hear any others points of view.

The youtube link is...


(sorry, wouldn't have a clue how to post youtube here - if you can't find it with this link, go to youtube and search for "SHELTER - The Making of a Gay Classic")


I had actually never seen this movie, though I had heard of it, but once I saw your post I decided to check it out. It really is a great love story and the way the guys come together is really organic. Lovely movie, thanks for recommending it! As for the love scene, I think both actors went in with the right state of mind and they just went for it and you can't really ask for more than that.
Could't agree more - that's why I guess I liked the interview as it gave an insight into the way they went into that scene - particularly how Trevor said he actually went further than he expected.

Thanks for commenting Jen!
BTW: If you have any other move suggestions, please share! :)
I was going to ask the same of you! Maybe I should have asked that in the original post! Or start a new thread over at Kishmet?
I wish I did have some suggestions, but unfortunately I don't. If you do make a post and get some good movies, please pass the names along to me. :)