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brian & justin smooch

January 2011

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single candle

I'm bored with soaps!!!!

I know, I know, shameful thing to say really, seeing they have brought me such pleasure ... in the past. But more than a little frustrated with the lack of seeing anything decent from either Nuke or Kish that my tapping fingers have been wandering around the internet and have discovered...SHOCK HORROR!!! MM Romance! Well, DUH!!! I know, I've never been very quick on the uptake here.

Anyway, after an interesting thread over at the Kish boards about authors/novels people liked I thought I'd take note of the ones I fell in love with. As all you authors out there probably recognise, my favourite stories are those with heartfelt romance with hot, sizzlin' lovin'. BTW I've bought most of these from Books on Board in their digital editions in case any of you haven't come across this site - fantastic books... and very affordable!

This was my first from this prolific author and I'm still working my way through all her works, but Joey and Arron will forever hold a place in my heart. Aaron is a paramedic with a jaded outlook on life, who meets Joey, a social worker who always sees the glass as half full.

I should mention these three novels from K.A. Mitchell form sort of a series, with characters interlinked. This I believe was her first in her series and brings to life Noah and Cameron, men that have known each other since they were kids. But it's what happens now they're adults that's far more interesting.

Another jaded character, this time in the form of Kim Jae Sun, an ER doctor and Shane the divemaster (among other things), who meet during a diving holiday. How this author manages to write the hottest scenes on the planet in three separate books and still makes them unique is beyond me!

This author is definitely on my 'must read everthing she writes' list as this was an incredible mix of character development, coming out issues and an interesting twist (and you guessed it, hot, hot, hot lovin'). This story is about Matt who moves to a small town in Colorado and makes friends with local shop owner Jared who is not living up to his full potential, but then neither is Matt.

This is a short story, that personlly I would love to see with a sequel, that involves the heart ache felt by two men when they lose Simon; Wade, Simon's lover and Dylan Simon's brother. This novella is heartwrenching but leaves with you a definite 'feel good' feeling (but not sappy) at the end.

I have a feeling I'll be adding to this list in the very near future. If you've any to add I'd love to hear from you.


Oh, thanks for reminding me! I still need to get the latest from K.A. Mitchell. :) As for books to rec? "Everything Under the Sun" by Rachel West (indigo_5). :D When it comes out, that is. Hee.
Will DEFINITELY be looking out for that one!
You guys. *blushing a lot*


And I love K.A. Mitchell! All of those books are fabulous. I'll have to check out those other two writers as well!