lover of all things romantic!!!!

Fell in love with Queer as Folk whilst trolling through YouTube, and came across the oh so wonderful Brian and Justin/Gale and Randy! From there it wasn't too long before I found fan fiction for the pair on various websites, but then became hooked to some amazing authors in the LJ community.

And it's worth saying how amazingly gorgeous Gale Harold is - and I'm just going to shut my eyes and put my fingers in my ears and delude myself into believing he's gay - because when he kisses Randy it's just perfect! (Sorry Gale - I know you aren't - just a silly fantasy of mine - but you are more than welcome to prove me wrong - come on over!)

Bio update (2010) - now teaching full time at a fantastic school, love the kids, love my life, although as busy as it is, leaves me with less time to read all the fantastic fic in my LJ communities!

And have just found another obsession - Luke & Noah on ATWT - the rest of the show seems pretty boring - but I am indebted to those wonderful people on youtube who post only the Luke & Noah parts - fairly tame when compared to Brian & Justin - but oh so sweet!

And yet another obsession - KISH!!! How could I have ever found them boring! Took me awhile to get on the Kyle and Oliver bandwagon, but now am hooked!